“My art, like my life, has evolved over a long period of time. After four decades of painting pictures, I’ve reached the point where I paint only subject matter that inspires me while affording me the opportunity of trying something a little different.”

David_PlourdeA graduate of Art Center College of Design in California, David Plourde was an award-winning illustrator in New York for twenty years before moving to Austin, Texas, where he taught illustration at the University of Texas, painting at Austin Community College, and life drawing at the Elisabet Ney Sculpture Conservatory.

Plourde left teaching to focus on his painting and has had his work exhibited in numerous galleries in Texas and New Mexico. He began by painting the working people of central Texas before discovering the subject-rich Taos area of New Mexico. Long a seasonal visitor to coastal Maine, Plourde recently moved to mid-coast Maine to enlarge his painting experiences, finding the contrast in color and environment between the two very diverse areas of the country both challenging and wonderfully unique. As evidenced in the gallery, Plourde finds much to pique his interest: people and places, landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, and the occasional still life.

“It’s not in me to paint the same subject over and over without relief. I get bored easily with repetition, so it’s vital that I frequently try out a new subject, even if I make a mess of it.”